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AMP’ed Alaska Expedition

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After nearly five months of following the two Chads, over 8,000 miles traveled, 11 weeks on the road away from home, this story and journey has come to an end.

I’ve scrutinized many thousands of images that have chronicled the process of two disabled climbers’ attempt to identify and surpass their perceived limits in the arena of climbing and alpinism. Although the two Chads did not make it to the top of the Moose’s Tooth they did make it to the Root Canal and stood toe-to-toe with the giant 3,500 foot tall east face of the granite monolith Moose’s Tooth and gave it their best try.

As Chad Butrick said early on, “I’ll consider this a success if we land on that glacier.” Well they landed on the glacier. Hampered by bad weather and inexperience they didn’t back down and went as far as they felt comfortable.

Rather than trying to describe the experience in words I will politely point you to the gallery below. As I continue to shop this story around I am holding my best 30 images that tell the story of the two Chads off world wide web. So stay tuned.


Written by michael G. Seamans

June 5, 2010 at 1:55 pm

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